Tokyo: Daikanyama and Ebisu

One of our favourite days in Tokyo was spent wandering around Daikanyama and Ebisu.

In Tokyo’s version of Shoreditch, away from the chaos a few miles away, the rich and the cool gather around minimalist shops painted white on wide boulevards, immaculately dressed and sipping on coffee or pressed juices. Ferraris and Bentleys reflect in the windows of independent homeware stores, record shops and clothing boutiques bearing English or French names. The two areas were a people watching paradise and we found some real gems to wander around. Our particular favourites were:

Kapital Clothing

Each of Kapital’s three Ebisu stores felt somewhere between a home, an anthropological museum and a clothes shop. The perfect mix of bohemian, Japanese and urban style displayed to make you feel like you were the only one to have ever discovered them.


Pacific Furniture Service

We’ve visited a fair share of mid-century homeware stores, but the interpretation of both mid-century-modern and -practical pieces at PFS had us taking photos of just about everything. Much to the surprise and sadness of us all, it turns outs shipping furniture from Japan isn’t practical or possible with a backpackers’ budget.  Sad face. 

Bonjour Records

A victim of its own success yet still worth a visit, Bonjour Records is firstly a vinyl store and secondly a seller of its own brand T-shirts, posters and mugs, neither of which you can take photos of.

Daikanyama T-Site

The book shop of all book shops, if only more would take a leaf out of Tsutaya Books. An impressive outer building of interlocking T’s opens into a serene shop, filled wall-to-ceiling with books. Everyone in Tsutaya seems to have the same look on their faces, enamoured as they hungrily flit from one aisle to the next. Ryan, a designer and lover of printed works, could have lost a week in there. Reward yourself in the equally elegant Tsutaya café if you manage to escape without buying something.




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