Five things we’re glad we packed

So far we’ve travelled to Japan and Myanmar in April/May; two very different countries and very different climates. Here’s the top five things we’re most glad we packed so far.

Waterproof bags

Ryan’s Ex Ped and our individual dry bags and document/ phone holders have proved invaluable during a sudden downpour or boat ride.

Lightweight, insulated, water resistant jackets

In really heavy rain, nothing beats an umbrella as waterproof macs get far too sticky in hot climates. For everything else, including cooler evenings, a lightweight, water resistant jacket fits the bill.

Silk sleeping bag liner

We debated whether these were necessary for a while before deciding at the last minute to chuck them in our bags. After all, they’re fairly cheap and lightweight. The bedding in our very first hostel was questionable to say the least, and made us very thankful for that last minute decision.

Teva Terra Fi Lite Sandals

Lightweight, cope well with getting wet, excellent grip, extremely comfortable and not all that bad looking. These sandals are as good for walking around Tokyo as they are for trekking to Lake Inle, and you can’t ask for more than that.

Tooth brush sanitizer

No matter how often you say to yourself ‘Don’t rinse your toothbrush under the tap water. DO NOT rinse your toothbrush under the tap water’ it inevitably happens. The UV lights in these toothbrush holders kill over 99% of the bacteria left on your brush and generally keep it protected and clean, meaning we don’t need to worry too much when we momentarily forget about the safety of local water.

The things we didn’t really need…


I could have taken 1 less polo shirt and had a lighter T-shirt or vest instead.


Three lipsticks. Who was I kidding?

Both of us

Wearing sandals 90% of the time means socks are pretty unecessary. We could have packed less.

What are your essentials when backpacking or travelling light?


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